Saybolt Overtime Lawsuit

Saybolt oil-and-gas chemical Inspectors who were paid fluctuating workweeks may ask for additional wages

Lawsuit Update - Jan. 25, 2013

We have received many inquiries in the last few weeks regarding the status of the case. At this time we are continuing to litigate the case.

We have now finished the discovery process and submitted our Motion for Summary Judgment to the Court for a ruling. Saybolt has also asked for a ruling in its favor as to one of the issues in the case, the statute of limitations applicable to your claims. Both Motions were submitted to the Court on January 21, 2013. Because the case involves complex legal issues, it may take the Court substantial time to rule on the Motions. Once the Court has ruled on the pending Motions we will take the next steps in the case and update this site as well.

Several workers have sued Saybolt about overtime wages. If you worked for it and were paid on a fluctuating workweek you may claim additional money.

If you qualify, you must send a consent form. If you do not want to ask for anything, simply do nothing.

Am I covered?
You may claim more wages if you were an oil and gas chemical inspector at Saybolt after January 26, 2007

What's this about?
Current and ex-workers at Saybolt say that it did not pay them correct overtime wages under its system of fluctuating workweeks. Saybolt says that it paid correctly.

What can I get?
If the workers win, you may get more pay for under-paid overtime wages.

If the workers lose, you will get nothing. You will owe no lawyers, win or lose. You may incur court costs and expenses.

How do I claim?
If you wish to make a claim, fill out the consent form and send it to Andrew Frisch. It may be mailed or e-mailed by July 26, 2011. You may sign the forms electronically.

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